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Smile makeovers are any number of procedures developed to improve the appearance of your smile. These procedures can include tooth implants, whitening techniques, veneers and bonding (composite). Patients that request a smile makeover do so because they would like to improve their appearance, not because it is medically necessary.

We will meet with you to discuss your dental concerns and provide feedback on what changes are realistic and their associated cost. After this meeting, you can decide which services will have the most benefit.

Some of the problems that a smile makeover can address are the color of your teeth, crooked or overlapping teeth, any number of missing teeth, cracking or chips and decay. In addition, lips and cheeks can be filled out to improve the overall appearance of your smile.

Popular requests at our Roslyn Heights dental office include tooth lengthening (which can create a youthful look), size of the teeth (correcting proportion) and improving tooth texture and character. 

A close up of a smile makeover

Replacing Missing Teeth

Within a cosmetic smile makeover you can have a dental implant, a dental bridge or a partial denture. You needn’t worry about the tooth/teeth looking odd next to your natural teeth, as the same color can be achieved as well as made to measure fitting.

Straightening your Teeth

Gaps in your teeth, crooked teeth or overlapped teeth – all easy to correct with discreet methods, and at any age. If you wish to have your natural teeth straightened an Invisalign brace can be used. It is a clear covering of the teeth that will re-align them much like a normal brace. A faster solution to this problem is maybe to have veneers fitted.

Chipped Teeth

Teeth can be easily chipped. Treatments will vary slightly depending on the extent of the damage caused to your tooth, but there are many treatments available. The most common solutions to this type of damage to teeth are; a veneer, a crown or cosmetic bonding.

Smile makeover in Long Island, New York

Stained Teeth

If you feel your teeth are discolored, which is unfortunately a very natural occurrence from the food and drink we consume, there are various whitening techniques available. There are home kits for this purpose, but you should again consult your dentist to ensure you will not be causing any more damage to your teeth. Equally, veneers can be fitted to create a dazzlingly white smile.

Unsightly Fillings

You may have had metal fillings in the past which you feel are unsightly should you laugh or smile. Thus, these can be changed to white fillings, which will match your natural tooth color and make the fillings almost invisible but still work as effectively.